Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mix Fruit Salad

Fresh fruit salad served with yogurt is one of my favorite foods. In addition to a variety of fruit that is served in a dish also contained a low-fat protein to maintain good health. Fresh, various vitamins, high fiber, low fat protein, suitable to be consumed each day, especially for those who have high activity. The following materials are accompanied by fruit the way they are presented.

100gr apple, sliced
100gr diced papaya
100gr diced melon
100gr kiwi
100gr seedless grapes (autumn royal), halved
100 gr dragon fruit sliced ​​thin
Yogurt sauce to taste

Put the fruit that has been cut into pieces. Then pour the yogurt into the fruit salad ingredients. Stir well. Serve.

- In order not watery salad, mix dressing with salad ingredients just before serving.
- Use fruit that is not too sour to offset the sour taste of yogurt.
- Presented in a state of cold fruit, it will feel more refreshed.

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