Monday, 5 September 2011

Sri Gethuk Waterfall, Wonosari - Yogyakarta

Gunung Kidul famous attractions dry turned out to have beautiful waterfalls, enchanting, and with considerable water flow. For those who have never seen may not believe that the Yogyakarta in addition to having a waterfall in the tourist area of ​​Kaliurang, Goa Selarong, and possibly others, also have one more area of ​​the waterfall that is no less captivating. Waterfalls in the area by the name of the village of Bleberan Playen Waterfall Sri Gethuk or by any other name Slempret waterfall.
Simply by walking as far as 750 m to the west of Padukuhan Menggoran Bleberan Tourism Village, you can reach either by foot or by motorbike and car. Not more than 15 minutes journey by car or 30 minutes walk away and pursue a few minutes Kali Oyo crystal clear streams and green with a rubber boat or ( gethek ), the beauty of a waterfall that has a height of about 25 m directly spoil our eyes.
Curiosity, mingled with the sweat off his tired body and disappear instantly see the beauty of the waterfall is flanked by two 50 m high cliff is. Not only beauty that can spoil the eye, but the body was immediately attracted to enjoy the freshness of the water is clear and cool. If you bring a change of clothes, enjoying the freshness of the water bath with a great choice and is not wrong if you’ve forgotten fatigue from daily activities.
Stomach growling with hunger, not to worry because the people around ready to present a menu of typical local village with a dish of fresh fish grilled and accompanied also by a natural-style drinks Bleberan Tourism Village, Canghae. For overseas citizens, community members are preparing a special menu of nostalgic menu, namely Kembul tiwul onion sauce and many other menus.

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