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Suharti Fried Chicken

Suharti fried chicken is one of the specialties of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Has a unique taste because of deep fried until crispy, use a quality chicken, herbs and spices typical of Indonesia, creating a special taste ...
Suharti fried chicken is perfect served with fried chilli paste thus increasing the delights ...

1 tail (800 g) free-range chicken (kampung), cut 4 parts
2000 cc of coconut water
2 tsp rice flour
cooking oil

8 spring onions
4 cloves garlic
A knuckle (7 cm) ginger
10 hazelnuts
2 tsp coriander, roasted, mashed
pepper powder

Cut chicken into 2, try not to break up
Saute chicken and spices until fragrant. Pour the coconut milk, cook in a covered container until water runs out
Fried chicken with remaining seasoning already mixed rice flour until lightly browned. lift
Kremesan materials
3 tbsp cornflour
75 g rice flour (can be added to the egg to make it more tasty)

how to make:
- Leave about 2 cups boiling water + chicken seasoning
- Enter the ingredients into the cooking water Kremes TSB., Stir well
- Pour a spoonful after spoonful into hot oil
- Wait until floating and dry, remove and drain
- Sprinkle on top of fried chicken, while presenting

fire must be kept stable fit make Kremesan
not really be too hot, not too cold can also ...

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